Workplace tech startup WithYouWithMe (WYWM) has closed an oversubscribed growth investment round, led by Perennial Value Management and Alium Capital Management. The Australian startup will use the AU$5 million to further expand its specialised software offering, accelerate hiring and scale operations at home and abroad. It expects the second half

The rise of new digital competitors and business models has ushered in tremendous change for the CIO role. Once viewed as obstructionists, research shows they are increasingly taking on more strategic roles within their organisation as digital transformations progress. Now new research shows that almost nine out of 10 CIOs

Australian executive search firm, Derwent Executive, has today launched a new digital talent advisory business, Derwent Digital, a division focused purely on the digital, mobile and technology sectors. Digital disruption is causing the dramatic transformation of legacy industries across all industry sectors and executive search is no different. Take our

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  While the talent wars show no sign of relenting, a different issue is percolating: retention and engagement. Once you’ve secured hard-won talent, how do you hold onto them? As Harvey Nash research reveals, technology leaders are faced with a paradox: The very things they typically leverage to retain staff—pay,