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CEO’s expect to pull back spending on office space in the wake of COVID-19 after it forced many organisations to go remote. In this week’s Minicast, Editor-in-Chief Andrew Birmingham ask digital strategist Max Ryerson about the changing value of the office and why it could spell trouble for companies like

As the chairman of a commercial building Peter Mansour was getting frustrated with the lack for information and poor communication between the strata manager and the tenants.  So he banded together with his sisters and created Strata Alert, a web-based community forum where tenants can communicate with their strata managements

Digital transformation is coming to the commercial property sector, but its leaders are laggards. Disruptive pressures are building, and intermediaries like AirBnB and WeWork are already resetting the rules. Compare the construction subsector of property — where little has changed about the way we build buildings since the late 1930s

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Revenues generated for vendors by Proptech rental platforms will reach $6.5 billion by 2023, up from an estimated $290 million in 2018, according to new study from Juniper Research . Proptech refers to the use of technology to digitally transform the property industry. According to the new research, Proptech: Technology

Stephen Porges has been appointed CEO of the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership to provide data leadership, advocacy and governance to Australian businesses. The Australian Alliance for Data Leadership (AADL) is a network of Associations with the common thread of data and customer experience, representing the essential functions of data-driven

Navman probably never thought it would see its value destroyed by a search company. The taxi industry likely never expected to be upended by a phone app. Real disruption is generally a blindsiding event, not an incremental improvement by a traditional irritant. Retailers are facing huge changes to the way

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Recoin Group and its founder, real estate guru Maksim Zaslavskiy, have announced the launch of ReCoin. According to a company spokesperson, ReCoin is a new, proprietary cryptocurrency designed for a broad range of financial transactions, while being backed by real estate held by 101ReCoin Trust in countries with a developed and

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An emerging technology, blockchain, could transform the way we buy and sell real estate by doing away with the hidden costs and inefficiencies of our housing markets. Blockchain is an online ledger that records transactions. It’s capable of recording the movement of any kind of asset from one owner to