The Internet of Things – the world of connected devices – represents an interesting and potentially transformational shift in the way humans, hardware and software interact. This programmble world is creating connections between technology enabled pieces of the environment such as central heating, vehicle engines, home appliances or production

Programmatic advertising purchases are tracking a 52 per cent growth curve this year and will reach $US21 billion in 2014. From there they will strike out to $US53 billion by 2018, according to a study by Magna Global. Real Time Bidding (RBT) alone will reach $US9 billion this year. According

The latest forecasts by Ovum highlight the continuing solid growth of the machine-to-machine market. Long term, the opportunity is huge — the total market place isexpected to reach $US66 billion by 2019. As for the cellular market, Ovum says it will bring in a total of $US252 billion for the 2015–19

Digital advertising in the Asia Pacific region will grow by almost 50 per cent over the next five years, with the top three spenders — China, Japan and Australia — maintaining their relative standing at the top of the league tables, says eMarketer. In Australia, spending will increase from $US4.5

Facebook has filed for regulatory approval for the right to issue digital credits which can be converted into money. It filed in Ireland recently, with approval apparently only weeks away. The giant dotcoms like Facebook, Google, Amazon and eBay are increasingly expected to enter the lucrative payments markets, having sat