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Pureprofile today announced three new appointments to its Australian team, including  new head of data, innovation and product Young Ham, who joins from rival research company Kantar. Pureprofile, an ASX listed market and data research company, completed an $18.8 million recapitalisation in December to grow its data sources and expand

Pureprofile Limited today announced a major recapitalisation which resets the companies debt position and provides additional capital to fuel future growth. Under the $18.8 million recapitalisation, in addition to reducing debt, the market and data research company has raised $3.5 million for future growth and investment.  Pureprofile says the funds

The scheduled launch of Australia’s open banking regime is just two months away, however new research shows three-quarters of Australians haven’t heard of the incoming data portability scheme and half are concerned about the security of their data. Open Banking is a government and regulator-led scheme which mandates banks share

Consumers comprehensively reject the practice of brands, publishers and platforms tracking their internet behaviour without their explicit consent, according to research commissioned by Which-50. Yet few sites or services allow for this, and instead assume implicit acceptance based on terms and conditions which few consumers have read — and even

Consumer sentiment is increasingly hostile to the concept of businesses harvesting their personal data for commercial reasons. Yet the same time, more consumers than ever before expect a personalised experience and are increasingly loyal to the brands that understand them. It is this seemingly paradoxical contrast between consumer sentiment and

Access to consumer data is increasing but its use by businesses is becoming more opaque, a point underscored by a series of breaches and scandals last year. Despite the access many brands still struggle to deliver the high level experiences consumers now expect. It is a dangerous game for brands

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2018 was the year consumer concerns over privacy and how their data is used started to cause headaches for businesses that had convinced themselves their customers were satisfied with the service they were receiving in exchange for their information. Throughout the year, a series of global events have lead to

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Organisations undergoing change grapple with a myriad of challenges. But more often than not at the heart of the change is the customer, according to Ben Sharp, head of revenue and operations ANZ at Pureprofile. Understanding that and embracing customer experience is key to any transformation, according to Sharp. Leadership Webinar: