Digital disruption in book publishing by John Birmingham

My first year as a working writer I made a hundred and thirty-five dollars and ate a lot of generic poverty noodles. My second, a bumper year, I broke two hundred. It was encouraging, but not enough to upgrade to those fancy Maggi noodles the big, prize-winning authors get. After

As publishers attempt to find new consumers and audiences, the pressure from brands that produce their own content is boiling up. At least, that’s the view of Barry McGhee and Roger Berdusco from digital retail company Triad Retail. McGhee, Triad’s country manager in Australia, comes from a traditional publishing background

This week’s IAB digital advertising report provided further evidence that publishers relying on digital display advertising technology are making a comeback after years of struggling to get traction against Google and search. AdRoll Australian and ANZ managing director and former Allure Media owner Ben Sharp spoke to Which-50 about the challenges of