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IAB has announced several new measures specifically developed to support small and medium Australian publishers, including a New & Niche Publishers Guide to Digital Advertising that includes resources, advice and information for anyone looking to monetise their content through digital advertising. A new membership rate has also been announced, which will give

Content marketing and amplification outfit Outbrain has agreed to provide advanced access to its technology to media and comms agency OMD  in a move that strengthens the latter’s content marketing position. There are also warning signs for publishers in such relationships. There are also warning signs for publishers in deals

There is a reason why Google captures close to 50 per cent of the digital advertising spend in Australia – search works. And the reason it works is that buyers signal their intent through the queries they type into the bar. For much of the last decade display advertising has

Brands and their agencies are sending publishers a very clear message. Three-quarters of agencies and advertisers surveyed recently by the IAB in Australia said publishers who lack a strong mobile offering or presence risk becoming less relevant to advertisers. Despite this, there is still a sense from the data that