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Amazon sold more than 175 million products during its global Prime Day sales this year, eclipsing any of its previous sales events. But US customers are reporting the ecommerce giant hasn’t been able to keep up with demand, failing to deliver items within its advertised delivery periods. Sign up for

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Australians’ attitudes towards Amazon’s local service are improving, but a pared back Prime offering is limiting the speed of Amazon’s growth, according to new research. Visits to Amazon Prime pages spiked 324 per cent and sign-ups to a 30 free day trial surged 377 per cent on Amazon Prime Day,

Prime Day was Amazon’s biggest sales period since it launched in Australia in December 2017. The 36-hour event surpassed Boxing Day, making July 16 and 17 the biggest two days of sales for Amazon Australia since opening its retail and marketplace offering almost 9 months ago, the company said. In

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Amazon’s Prime Day kicks off in Australia for the first time today. It’s the latest in a series of global shopping events to infiltrate the local market, boosting traffic and online sales as well as adding new pricing pressures to local retailers. Starting in 2015, Amazon’s artificial holiday began with


The 11th of July, 2017 — also known as Prime Day — was the biggest-ever sale day in Amazon history. How big? Amazon won’t say, exactly. The Seattle-based retailer doesn’t reveal revenue or gross merchandise volume for the 30-hour event. It did reveal that this year Prime Day “grew by