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Retailers, particularly those with stores, face a difficult challenge in supporting consistent pricing across all channels, since digital commerce pricing can be easily changed multiple times per week, day or hour. In contrast, changing in-store pricing of products during the sales day can cause considerable confusion and frustration for customers

Integration platform specialist MuleSoft has evolved its platform pricing model with a view to helping companies accelerate adoption of its software along with their pay off from the investment. The company is one of the new generation of digital platform providers, in this case offering an integration platform as a

Can smartphone app development be democratized, commoditized and simplified to such an extent that even smaller suburban businesses can find a home on iOS and Android? That seems to be where platform development is headed. Dutch-headquartered JMango360 is certainly out to test that proposition. The company has taken a previously

As digital marketing technology becomes more embedded in the enterprise, analysts like Gartner are predicting that IT vendors will need to adjust their charging models to reflect customer demands for performance based pricing. Adobe’s decision last week to flip its pricing model for Adobe Campaign is further evidence of this emerging