The Australian energy sector is at an inflection point, and the changes are set to cause pain for incumbent utilities companies which are constrained by legacy systems.  That’s the assessment from Joe Locandro, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer for the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).   Webinar: Register now to find

Origin Energy understands its industry is being disrupted. In response the energy company has developed a strategy to ensure its survival as utilities transition from a commodity-driven model to a service-driven one. Origin has created a Future Energy and Business Development division. Tasked with navigating the company through an uncertain

Predictions are always a bad idea where technology is involved, but that doesn’t stop people making them and — these days on social media — sharing them. So it proved this week, as a tweet by the World Economic Forum was the most active social share in our weekly digital

  Consumers carry their smartphones and tablets everywhere they go – they’re packing mobile, and they’re not afraid to use it. As a result, marketers need to engage and meet the demands of constantly connected consumers who have a hunger for the right information at the right time. Mobile has

As Europe’ s economies emerge from the long lag of the GFC, investments in digital technologies will be critical to boost productivity – and to keep a competitive check on US, China and the emerging world. However, according to a new Accenture report, countries in the EU have some natural

Referral networks and informal power players are rarely exposed in organisational charts. Quiet achievers are often pushed into the background, and often that is where they are most comfortable. For business, though, that is not always or even often the best outcome. Social network analysis (SNA) seeks to reveal the stars.

Technology is the great transformer – above all else according to US CEOs.  A PWC study released earlier this year revealed that of the five great mega trends likely to impact business over the next five years, technology is the standout. The others for the record are demography, the global

How quickly the world moves. Mobility affects companies in different ways but what is most interesting is how quickly it happens and how profound the implications. It’s barely two years since Facebook admitted in its IPO filing documentation that it made no money from mobile and didn’t really know how