Spotify is ramping up its podcasting division by acquiring Gimlet Media and Anchor. The company did not disclose how much it paid for each start-up, however Recode reported the Gimlet Media deal was around US$230 million. Gimlet is known for its independent podcasts such as Startup and Reply All, and

Podcasting is not the new black. Podcasting is not growing up, nor having its Golden Age. Podcasting is doing just fine, doing what it has always done: serving up tightly focussed content to self-selecting niche audiences. The witless hysteria of recent weeks, mostly inspired by a New York Times article,

Remember all the fuss about Serial? The podcast was instantly cool when it hit the iTunes store in late 2014.  And for good reason. Serial is produced by the people behind This American Life, and if there’s one thing those guys do well it’s tell compelling stories. So it doesn’t