A digital overhaul of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has digitised 70 per cent of the organisation’s workloads and reduced the time taken to process development applications for state significant projects by 50 per cent. The changes have also increased transparency and reduced complexity for end users,

Get ready for an uncomfortable few years of dislocation as the disruption wrought by digital works its way through the real economy. Leading tech research outfit Gartner has issued its ten top strategic assumptions for clients and the message is basically, strap yourself in and hope you’re on the right

The identity of the corporate strategist has been evolving since the 80s, yet a new paper by McKinsey has highlighted the need for a more holistic consideration of their role if organisations are to tackle the challenges of doing business today. Called “Rethinking the role of the strategist” the report

Most banks will process the majority of their transactions in the cloud within three years, 3D printing will upend multichannel retailing models but also generate huge $100 billion IP losses in some sectors, and insurers will abandon almost half of their customer facing mobile apps by 2016 due to poor