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Despite all the privacy and data controversies surrounding Facebook in the past year it is still the most widely used social media site in Australia, according to new Roy Morgan research. At the beginning of 2019, Facebook had more than 17.1 million users visiting the site in a four week


Attribution will continue to remain aspirational in 2019, according to Kieley Taylor, Managing Partner, Global Head of Social at GroupM. But brands may be able to learn from China’s largest social media network, WeChat. The Chinese app has evolved far beyond messaging and is used to facilitate banking and payments,

Accenture has built a new technology platform and used it to train more than 180,000 of its employees globally in the latest digital technologies in just over 20 months. It now plans to use the interactive platform with clients to help develop their IT workforces in critical areas such as

Outside of China, the world’s two fastest growing social networks are Pinterest and Tumblr which are powering along at 97 per cent and 95 cent audience growth respectively. Tumblr in particular had a very robust second half. It is possible that Marissa Mayer’s gift to Yahoo  may challenge Pinterest for

Google+ may have a billion registered users but it also has a big problem – its turns out forcing people to join your service does not necessarily translate into the kinds of commercial outcomes that put money in the bank. Now, while it may have a lot of money in