Four years ago, just 12 per cent of Australian citizens and businesses filing intellectual property and trademarks did so using digital services. It was an unsustainable practice as consumers and organisations were increasingly going digital, and warranted a change to the government agency responsible – Intellectual Property (IP) Australia. LEARN: Register

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Pegasystems has announced the launch of Pega Infinity, a digital transformation software suite. Pega Infinity is the first platform to connect front end customer experiences to back end process automation, and represents Pegasystems’ largest ever product launch, according to the company. The announcement was made overnight at Pegasystems annual user

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While the technical execution required to implement a modern martech stack is complex, it isn’t the most difficult challenge facing marketing departments that have invested in new marketing tools. That’s the view of Gabrielle Shone, associate director, marketing technology at Optus, who is leading the company’s transition to a ‘next

For the leader of a company with strong positions in cloud computing and machine learning, Pegasystems CEO Alan Trefler is unusually blunt about both. On cloud computing, he warns, “There’s an unprecedented amount of hype and bull and exaggeration that’ going on in the market”. Meanwhile on machine learning, Trefler