Oracle is bringing its Cloud Platform services to the Australian market, expanding its cloud coverage locally to and compete with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter Oracle has offered its SaaS offerings across finance, HR and marketing out of Australia since 2012. The

CMOs have a much more sophisticated view of the real value digital channels provide than many people give them credit for. That is especially true of those marketing executives who have successfully embedded agility into the way they work. That’s a key insight from a new study called “CMO Insights

Most acquisitions get waved through by shareholders with little fuss. But for a few weeks it looked like Oracle’s move on Netsuite might come unglued. Indeed executives from co-CEO Mark Hurd down avoided any serious mention of the deal during last months Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. However word quickly

Sure, Larry, but how many of them would give you a kidney? Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison revealed that there are five billion consumers in his company’s identify graph, comparing it favourably to Facebook’s better-known consumer demographic depository. He made the comments while discussing the opportunities of machine learning, artificial intelligence

Oracle Mark Hurd

The cloud market is growing at 40 per cent a year at a time when enterprise IT spending is flat. It now represents about $30 billion in spending out of the trillion dollar global technology pool. While that is still just a small contribution expect  growth to look exponential, says

Cloud computing is less expensive, more reliable and far more secure than on premise solutions and most importantly it provides customers with modern apps and new capabilities, according to Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. He was addressing his comments to journalists following his keynote speech at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience (#mme16)

  Content marketing supports awareness and demand generation by establishing digital, value-based relationships that give marketers a way to excite and empower existing customers. It also enhances sales enablement by offering information to those who need it. Whether you’re using an advanced metrics tool or basic analytics, there are fundamental

  Despite all the advantages digital technologies have brought to modern marketers, for too many companies, the customer experience remains broken with many customers still subjected to a fragmented or non-integrated experience across all channels. This is an issue explored in detail in a Modern Marketing Essentials Guide on Cross

Oracle has added three innovations to its Marketing Cloud with the introduction of Oracle ID Graph, Rapid Retargeter, and AppCloud Connect. The company says these latest initiatives provide marketers with a more holistic view of their customers and adapt to relevant, real-time interactions across channels. The changes are also designed to

  What’s your most important measure of success? According to recent research conducted by Oracle, called “Trends in B2B and B2C Commerce”, the answer is likely to be customer retention. Given that it can cost significantly more to acquire a customer than keep one, that’s understandable. The challenge is: Who