Oracle has added three innovations to its Marketing Cloud with the introduction of Oracle ID Graph, Rapid Retargeter, and AppCloud Connect. The company says these latest initiatives provide marketers with a more holistic view of their customers and adapt to relevant, real-time interactions across channels. The changes are also designed to

  What’s your most important measure of success? According to recent research conducted by Oracle, called “Trends in B2B and B2C Commerce”, the answer is likely to be customer retention. Given that it can cost significantly more to acquire a customer than keep one, that’s understandable. The challenge is: Who

In today’s digitally empowered age, marketing has become one of the most progressive functions within an organisation – it has transformed from an intuitive art to a predictable science. With a rapidly expanding array of technology and communication channels, as well as an increasingly demanding and savvy consumer, today’s marketer

Oracle’s acquisition of Datalogix late last year in the shadow of Christmas represents a significant extension of its data business, building on work already underway following the purchase of Blue Kai earlier in the year. Datalogix enables companies to link a consumer’s offline and online behavior and improve the targeting

Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you leadership in the marketing hub space. Three of the industries biggest buyers of digital marketing businesses over the last decade – Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce – dominate Gartner’s newly released marketing hub magic quadrant. While the three big software brands

Oracle has spent much of the last two years buying its way aggressively into the marketing technology space with the acquisitions of Eloqua (2012), Compendium (2013), Responsys (2013) and BlueKai (2014). The combined price tag for these four deals alone is believed to be just shy of $US3 billion. The trick,

Oracle has spent $US2 billion buying its way back into the marketing technology platform game since October last year. In just seven months it has acquired Compendium, Responsys and BlueKai. But, says Ovum analyst Gerry Brown, the real challenges lie ahead — it needs to focus on keeping the best

Oracle has ponied up $US1.39 billion for Responsys in the latest marketing tech mega deal. For Oracle, the deal brings cache to what Forrester Research describes as its “capable but otherwise moribund marketing offering,” while Gartner says it will remove lingering doubts about Oracle’s commitment to this market. It’s not

Oracle this week acquired cloud based content marketing company Compendium in the latest move by the digital marketing technology leaders to hoover up key applications in an increasingly expensive industry land grab. “Compendium’s data-driven approach aligns relevant content with customer data and profiles to help companies more effectively attract prospects,