It’s hard not to live in the moment — and when you are running a startup or an early-stage business (and yes, they are different), laying out a long-term operating road map seems laughable. Even presumptuous. In those first months of business, the primary focus is to make it through

The bi modal view that the web is split between desktop and mobile will rapidly be overwhelmed with the emergence of 1000s of new device types in the next few years of which Google Glass and the current crop of internet watches and fitness bands are simply a harbinger. That’s

You are either a digital disruptor or you are dinner. Your choice. And while there are myriad advantages to be seized by leaders brave or brilliant enough to embrace disruption, if you are not convinced, there are also plenty of insurgents more than capable of taking you back into the food

Online advertising is the most transparent, measurable and apparently accountable form of advertising that has ever existed and yet there is ample evidence that marketers consider it no more effective than anything that has come before. If that dichotomy seems a little hard to reconcile then figures released this week

Twitter rang the bell on Nasdaq overnight (AEST) and the stock immediately popped. It is up 83 per cent at the time of writing. That’s lovely for people who bought in the morning and sold in the evening.  Just like it was for a lucky few with the Groupon IPO,

A looming wave of  knowledge work automation will generate or displace the equivalent of 140 million full times jobs by 2025 as it crashes and breaks upon the managerial class with same impact already felt by workers in the manufacturing and transactional sectors over the last half a century. Machines