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Unified commerce is levelling up from omnichannel, according to Adyen, the payments solution working to connect the backend systems of multiple payment channels.  Where omnichannel works to deliver cross-channel payments experiences to customers, Adyen says that backend systems are not always connected — which is where unified commerce steps in. 

Using customer data and insights to develop more tailored experiences hasn’t got any easier for marketers. In fact, what digital marketers cited as barriers to their ability to deliver y experiences in 2019 — including leveraging customer data and insights and aligning messaging to customers’ channel preference — is even

Australia’s Flinders University is using the Boomi Platform to power a cloud-first strategy that will modernise IT and deliver seamless digital experiences to students and staff. Flinders wanted to provide a superior digital experience to students and staff with a modern, cloud-first IT environment. To achieve this it needed flexible

Governments and public sector organisations want to reduce delivery risks associated with contact centre services. They should consider migrating their contact centres to the cloud. According to the NEC whitepaper, Cloud Migration and Contact Centres, there are three basic benefits to moving contact centres to the cloud: improved customer experience; managing risk

Organisations move to the cloud for various reasons, but one of the more important is that the cloud gives them the opportunity to increase revenue through better service delivery and improved customer service. A recently published whitepaper by NEC, Cloud Migration and Contact Centre Solutions covered the benefits brands get when they

Super Retail Group (SRG) is in the midst of a transformation project, overhauling its technology platforms and organisational structure to build a culture focused on customers not channels. The ASX-listed retailer, which owns Boating, Camping, Fishing (BCF), Rays, Rebel and Supercheap Auto, wants to be a world class omnichannel retailer.

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Customer experience sounds like a glib throwaway phrase used to try and hook a business into either buying a new sales system or marketing plan. After all, it’s obvious isn’t it – keep the customer happy they buy more. Surely, it’s as simple as adding comfy chairs and good coffee

While consumers in Australia are still suffering major friction points, fundamental disconnects between online and off, it remains rare that major enterprises use the data they have about us to our advantage. Yet the idea that businesses need a fundamental paradigm shift in the way they re-think their core customer

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A study of 46,000 consumers who shopped with a single US retailer has determined omnichannel shoppers spend more and are more loyal than their store-only or online-only counterparts. In a challenging marketplace omnichannel is a core tenet of many traditional retailers’ strategy to counter falling foot traffic and online competitors.

Industry-wide retailers have a “breath taking naiveté” when it comes to the role of digital in omnichannel, argues a new report from Retail Systems Research (RSR). Which-50 and ADMA are introducing a one day classroom-based digital transformation education program for senior executives lead by visiting US subject matter expert Courtney Hunt PhD.