Australians care a great deal about what companies do with their data, according to new research that reveals consumer trust is built on service reliability, strong security, and good data handling practices. More cautious online than ever online, nearly one in seven Australians now say they do not trust any

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The South Australian Department for Education has selected the Okta Identity Cloud to securely manage access to essential educational applications for approximately 280,000 staff and students. The education department’s consultancy partner Insync Solutions selected Okta to underpin the Department’s EdPass project — delivering a simplified and secure login experience to

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Friday, March 6th was the last day of “normal” enterprise app usage before global workforces piled into video conferences, VPNs and collaboration tools.   That’s according to figures from Okta, which draws on millions of authentications from its customers around the world and more than 6,500 app integrations to identify the

   Businesses with experience of cloud computing are coping much better than those without, as the massive shift of knowledge workers from office environments to home working rolls out at unprecedented scale and speed. In a new APAC leader technology video panel produced by Which-50 and Boardroom Media this

Workers are relying on a greater number of apps to help them do their jobs and often double dip by purchasing best-of-breed apps in addition to software bundles with similar tools, according to a new report from Okta.  Okta’s sixth annual Businesses @ Work report, released today, uses anonymised data

Forrester Research has identified four qualities it says security executives should investigate when selecting a partner to help build a Zero Trust environment. These include strong advocacy of the approach, a commitment to ubiquitous enforcement, support for micro-segmentation, and providing identity beyond identity and access management. A Zero Trust approach

Zero trust is not a trust technology, but rather a fundamental change in philosophy. That’s the view of  Sami Laine, Okta’s Director of Product Marketing. Laine explained that zero trust involves organisations making contextual, controlled decisions based on the information they have available, instead of simply putting their trust in

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Gartner has identified Okta as the leader in the access management market, clearly dominating both on its ability to execute and the completeness of its vision. Access management (AM) has emerged as a critical corporate capability as organisations seek to provide seamless and secure access for employees and customers alike

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon

As companies, businesses, governments and consumers grapple with the challenges of security and identity management, the world is swiftly moving towards global standards for data protection and regulation, epitomised by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (or GDPR for short) which comes into effect today, effecting its 28 member states,

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon

One of the world’s leading independent provider of enterprise identity management software announced today its intention to kill the password as the dominant form of authentication. At the Oktane 2018 keynote in Las Vegas, Nevada, CEO, Todd McKinnon launched Okta’s new ThreatInsight feature which eliminates the password as the primary