No Man’s Land

For the last 22 months, Which-50 has been keeping tabs on how many men and women are quoted on the site. Before we began in June 2018 we had a sense the numbers would be bad, but it wasn’t until we sat down and analysed our coverage that we realised

On International Women’s Day, Which-50 takes stock of how its own coverage stacks up. News organisations are increasing the amount of women they write about, not because it’s the right thing to do but because it delivers a better product for readers. It also expands their audience, making them more

In July 2018 Which-50 secretly erased men from our coverage. Overall traffic declined, our social presence evaporated and readers suffered from a diminished product. Then we told the world about it, publishing an account of our experiment called No Man’s Land and commissioning author John Birmingham to write an accompanying

For most of July Which-50 secretly erased men from our coverage. Then we told the world about it. We documented the process of excluding men and what we learned in a cover story titled No Man’s Land. This piece was accompanied by stories from 22 women about the misogyny they’ve experienced