Coles has signed a multi-year partnership with Optus Business encompassing digital network and telecommunications services. The companies say he deal will provide a range of benefits to to the supermarket’s customers and team members. The strategic alliance delivers high capacity fibre services across Coles’ retail, distribution and support centres nationally.

Telstra LTE-B on the left; unicast on the right

The amount of video consumers watch on their mobile devices is growing at an exponential rate. Weekend traffic from the AFL Live Official app on Telstra’s network has grown three fold since 2016 and on any given weekend, Australian sports fans consume 37 million minutes of live content over Telstra’s

This week’s announcement that YouTube has signed on 40 US TV partners marks an inflection point for the online video and TV markets. There has always been a logic to the idea that if YouTube could broker this type of deal then it could further bolster its position. Several TV players

Smartphones are taking over the world, with a survey by UBS finding the increase in mobile banking will cause the widespread closure of bank branches. The UBS report, titled “Is A Bank In Your Pocket The Next Big Thing”, surveyed 67 bank management teams in 18 countries. The report found

Referral networks and informal power players are rarely exposed in organisational charts. Quiet achievers are often pushed into the background, and often that is where they are most comfortable. For business, though, that is not always or even often the best outcome. Social network analysis (SNA) seeks to reveal the stars.

Ever used one of those Burger King soda fountains that lets you create your own drink? It’s actually the brainchild of the Coca-Cola company, and it’s connected to the internet. They’re known as Freestyle machines. You’ll find more than 2,000 of them inside the world’s Burger Kings, and many other restaurants