Implementing analytics software can assist a company in increasing efficiencies and gaining more insight into the business process, this was the case for DMICDC Logistics Data Services (DLDS) who implemented NEC technology to capture real-time location of its transport. This transformation was explored in the recently released NEC whitepaper, Taming

Before businesses implement data analytics into their businesses they first need to understand the challenges ahead of them. In a recently released NEC report, Taming Your Data Assets and Delivering Real Business Outcomes, it highlights a number of roadblocks companies need to identify and understand. These include, The sheer volume

Governments and public sector organisations want to reduce delivery risks associated with contact centre services. They should consider migrating their contact centres to the cloud. According to the NEC whitepaper, Cloud Migration and Contact Centres, there are three basic benefits to moving contact centres to the cloud: improved customer experience; managing risk

Organisations move to the cloud for various reasons, but one of the more important is that the cloud gives them the opportunity to increase revenue through better service delivery and improved customer service. A recently published whitepaper by NEC, Cloud Migration and Contact Centre Solutions covered the benefits brands get when they

Many cloud projects commence on the basis of cost — perhaps because the organisation wants to shift spending from capital expenditure to operating expenditure. Or because their analysis suggests they can lower total cost of ownership over time by renting IT services more cost-efficiently than they might otherwise buy them.

While issues like total cost of ownership, and a desire to avoid capital expenditure might lead businesses to look into cloud computing initially, many executives rapidly come to understand that cloud computing also offers the opportunity to increase revenue through better service delivery and improved customer experience. This is especially

While many of the drivers of cloud migration are common across government and enterprise, each has a slightly different set of priorities. Typically both are concerned about cost, risk, speed of innovation, and improving the customer experience — though the emphasis they place on each of these tends to differ.

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NEC Australia is suing the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), seeking costs and expenses regarding a cancelled Biometric Identification Services (BIS) project. The vendor is arguing the system, which was supposed to replace Australia’s existing fingerprint identification system and add facial recognition capabilities, was “substantially built and ready to undergo

An automated message system is allowing indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory to engage emergency services in their native language, some for the first time. NEC and Stratum ICT, which created the technology, says the system has greatly reduced the pressure on emergency contact lines. Last year the Joint Emergency

The challenge confronting companies in the facial recognition market is the ability to operate at speed and scale in real world environments. “Life isn’t like an e-gate. We don’t live in an e-gate,” said Chris de Silva, head of NEC global face recognition solutions. Speaking at the company’s NEC Advanced