Online platforms have empowered aspiring artists to distribute music independently rather than through a label. However, new research into the music industry shows a successful career takes more than just a moment of social media magic. Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Spotify enable ordinary people to release their music

From today, Amazon Prime will include Prime Music, a music streaming service similar to Spotify and Apple music, as the ecommerce giant continues to fill out its premium offering in Australia. New and existing Prime customers will now be able to stream a catalogue of more than two million songs


YouTube is one of the many ways consumers can enjoy music without having to pay for it but the streaming giant argues it isn’t cannibalising more lucrative channels of music consumption. The argument goes: if YouTube didn’t exist streamers would access music for free elsewhere, and at least YouTube ads

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Tokenly will launch a trial of a Blockchain-based music service token.FM in early May. At the same time it will open a Series A round. The company’s new service is the first to leverage Blockchain technology to address existing media challenges and empower the future of media distribution and fan relationships. Take

Content has always been king in the media and entertainment industry but now data is moving to the centre of the industry’s business models. That’s the opinion of Steve Canepa, general manager of global media & entertainment industry at IBM. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The promise of

Data released by the RIAA in the US reveals that, like downloads before it, streaming has surpassed physical media like CDs and records to become the second largest revenue generator. Indeed, according to business intelligence site Statista, “Physical formats such as CDs and LPs now account for less than one

Disruption never left town. It is 14 years since Apple upended the music industry with the launch of iTunes.  Now, the pay per view music category it spawned is itself in gathering retreat. Last year American consumers streamed over 160 billion (yes that’s ‘b’ for billion) songs which includes audio

  Singer Jack Gilinsky dominated the twit-chat in Australia this week with a simple post designed to build his follower base being retweeted 1369 times. Quite a helpful result when the point of the exercise is to drive fans to iTunes to buy your latest single. Musicians once again occupied

At the end of May, Apple slapped $US3 billion down on the barrel and bought the Beats Music streaming service, announcing at the time that it would run the business separate the the iTunes cash cow. Basically it was a hedge, and now the latest music download figures tell us

Apple has confirmed that it will spend $US3 billion buying Beats — including the Beats Music streaming service — and it will run the business as a separate operation to iTunes. It confirmed the tech sector’s most recent ‘worst kept secret’ overnight. Co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young (aka Dr.