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While much focus is given to the money marketers invest in new customer-facing campaign technology, often what is missed is that behind the scenes – the marketers themselves are still pursuing inefficient work practices. Even in some of the largest enterprises, many marketers are using a plethora of personal productivity tools

We wanted to help marketers understand how streamlining their marketing workflows saves time. So we created a marketing workflow to describe the process of creating a marketing workflow. Then we asked one of our consultants to streamline it (see what we did there?). This is what happened. But before we

Marketers are increasingly becoming custodians of the customer experience within organisations. However, unless they deliver a consistent branding experience, marketers risk losing credibility and ultimately guardianship of the customer experience. Delivering this experience means moving away from ad-hoc processes and adopting modern marketing resource management. Last week, we explained how

An effective marketing function is vitally important to financial services businesses. Yet often businesses and marketing teams in this sector find it difficult to track requests for work and monitor creative workflows. Teams struggle with a lack of proper visibility and oversight, creating internal bottlenecks as they wrestle with prioritising

Marketers are acutely aware of the benefits of improving their process management, but most of them are not doing anything about it, according to research from Simple, which also suggests the responsibility for the customer now rests firmly with the marketing department. The lack of oversight is occurring, the report

Marketers understand change and always have. Their success has always depended on understanding customers’ needs and intent and then ensuring their organisations were best placed to meet these needs. However the velocity of change has accelerated dramatically, driven by huge consumer shifts from trends like smart mobility and social media

The world of marketing resource management (MRM) is changing. Once considered a huge overhaul capable of soaking up months of management time, the emergence of cloud-based solutions now offers marketing teams a more rapid return on investment. Early MRM systems failed to fulfill their promise to organise, orchestrate and optimise