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Motorola Solutions has outlined three key ways it expects to take advantage of the next generation of mobile networks, leveraging the speed and low latency of 5G to increase capabilities around video, IoT and user experience.  Speaking at the company’s Critical Communications World event in Kuala Lumpur, Paul Steinberg, Motorola

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During an emergency situation when vital information and contextual awareness is increased for the dispatch centre, it can save lives according to Mike deVente corporate VP for APAC at Motorola Solutions. DeVente spoke to delegates at the Critical Communications World in Kuala Lumpur saying, “When we talk about helping people

Can the notion of muscle memory be extended into software and devices? That’s what Motorola says it wants to do so that the software becomes an extension to the person making the decision according to Dr. Mahesh Saptharishi, Chief Technology Officer at Motorola Solutions. The US company provides solutions for

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Victoria Police has completed its $50 million rollout of Motorola Solutions managed services which hands 10,000 police officers access to mobile devices with smart apps. The announcement was made yesterday at Critical Communications World in Kuala Lumpur. Motorola said this partnership gives police officers in the field a technological edge