mobile marketing

More than a decade has passed since the first iPhones and Android’s hit the market. Yet for many, mobile marketing remains a singularly unexplored venture. It’s constantly changing and growing at an exponential rate, offering marketers an enormous opportunity. But few Australian marketers are taking it. It is time to

Marketers have a wealth of personalised data available to them to better target their messages to consumers. But those same marketers do themselves a disservice if they do not drill beneath the headline claims of service providers to understand fully the quality of the data. Take demographic data as an

Don’t think about mobile as another marketing channel. Instead, start thinking about it as the customer. That will give you an edge over your local competitors because while Australia is generally considered the digital marketing leader in the Asia Pacific, on mobile we lag our peers in the region. Partly

Right off the bat the fact that 2 out of every 3 digital media minutes is spent on mobile should surprise absolutely no one, least of any marketer reading this. The stat, (see chart below) which comes courtesy of comScore is yet another example of mobile finally delivering on the

Mobile devices have fundamentally changed the way people do everything from communicate to read the news. Mobile marketing reflects the new ways consumers buy products and services — and the changes are happening at breakneck speed. The numbers involved are staggering. Research shows that, in Australia, 55 per cent of people