Australian organisations are invited to enter an international competition designed to disrupt the infrastructure industry through new digitally-driven solutions. The InfraChallenge is looking for big ideas that will drive digital transformation in a sector that has not been widely disrupted by digitisation. The competition is calling for digital innovations that

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will open a “Living Lab” in Adelaide’s innovation precinct, Lot Fourteen. Living Labs are research facilities that enable collaboration between public, private and research sectors, MIT’s focus on big data. South Australian Premier Steven Marshall announced the agreement yesterday. Adelaide is the first Australian based

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - July 9, 2008: The Great Dome of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a symbol of excellence in higher education.

MIT announced a new $1 billion commitment to address the global opportunities and challenges presented by the prevalence of computing and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). The initiative marks the single largest investment in computing and AI by an American academic institution, and will help position the United States

Professional women

Imagine a juggler with 20 balls in the air, balanced on one leg, and beset on all sides by unreasonable people, each of whom desperately wants to add just one more ball to the mix. And the juggler has only two words in their vocabulary when asked to explain if

Do not let a thousand flowers bloom. Not if you want your organisation’s digital transformation to succeed. Instead, all the evidence suggests that change needs to be driven from the top and companies should designate a specific executive or executive committee to spearhead efforts. That’s the finding of a new