In this week’s Minicast, a cybersecurity expert warns of the increasingly blurred lines between the traditional cyber threats of espionage and crime. Tim Wellsmore, FireEye director, intelligence and government solutions, Asia Pacific region  says state actors are now also adding financial crimes to their disruption tactics. Which-50’s Minicast publishes each

Enterprises overwhelmingly see value in public cloud and more than three in four are using it in some capacity. But, new research from Contino suggests relatively few of them have expanded cloud initiatives across the business due to fears of security, compliance and “vendor lock-in”. In this week’s Minicast, Contino

Taiwan has so far achieved one of the best responses to COVID-19, keeping case numbers and mortality rates exceptionally low compared to comparable nations, including Australia. New analysis by RMIT researcher and PhD candidate Kelsie Nabben suggests a radical approach to digital democracy may be an important factor. Taiwan’s unlikely


CEO’s expect to pull back spending on office space in the wake of COVID-19 after it forced many organisations to go remote. In this week’s Minicast, Editor-in-Chief Andrew Birmingham ask digital strategist Max Ryerson about the changing value of the office and why it could spell trouble for companies like

New research from the IMD Business school suggests organisations should focus on the disruption, not the disrupter because there is little evidence to link the hype of disruption in some industries with reality. Co-written by Michael Wade, Didier Bonnet and Jialu Shan at the IMD Business School, Lausanne, Switzerland, the

Open Banking began in Australia last month, promising to set free customers’ financial data, and spur innovation and competition in a sector historically dominated by just four banks.  Under Open Banking customers can request Australian banks securely share their data with accredited third parties for use in other financial tools

The government announced a new draft mandatory code of conduct late last week to address “bargaining power imbalances” between Australian commercial media companies and platform giants Facebook and Google, including rules for the platform companies to pay for news content. Developed by the ACCC and now under public consultation, the

Facebook’s newest ecommerce play has the potential to radically shake up the digital marketing and retail landscapes, according to retail expert Nathan Bush. Unveiled last week, Facebook Shops is a new set of commerce tools that allow retailers to set up online storefronts on Facebook and Instagram. In this week’s

The way ads are bought and sold online appears due for an overhaul, after a landmark UK study revealed around half of the money advertisers spend online programmatically never reaches publishers. In this week’s Minicast, Which-50 journalist Joseph Brookes discusses the findings from the ISBA Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study

Global food supply chains are being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdown affects. The crisis highlights the importance of accurate crop forecasts and an efficient supply chain, according to Ros Harvey, founder and managing director of  The Yield, a local agtech which uses IoT and AI to