Digital decarbonisation, according to french IT consulting company, Atos, is critical to reducing global carbon emissions.  Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit:  The Fastest Route to Carbon Neutral IT Operations CIOs Can Drive Business Wins From Sustainable IT, But Very Few Do Sustainability Is The New Digital, Right Down To The Mistakes Leaders

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  As consumers demand visibility, transparency and consent as to who has the rights to their data, distrust towards brands and how they are using customer data has increased. In Australia, the Privacy Act is currently under review which should bring about heavier data privacy regulations, Google will be removing

“We have a really fantastic opportunity in Australia to be leading with digital, to be leading with innovation,” says Nhung Mason, Managing Director of Accenture’s Retail & Consumer practice.  Accenture recently conducted a CXO Pulse Survey to determine the attitude of the C-Suite toward the COVID-19 recovery. The findings suggest

Gone are the days when businesses could only interpret consumer demand through tools like surveys and data such as sales outcomes. With the application of deep learning models and artificial intelligence, companies are increasingly predicting their customers’ future needs and servicing them in advance. A2B is a market leader in

While companies have been forced to adapt to flexible and remote working requirements, the digitisation of business processes has become a crucial element in streamlining this transition. The Box deal to purchase the Dutch electronic signature company SignRequest is exemplary of the COVID driven acceleration of digital transformation. With the sector

Governments all around the world are moving to digitise and ind improve the services they over citizens. In Which-50’s final Minicast of 2020 we look to the high bar set by Estonia, widely regarded as the world leading digital government. Pure Storage’s APJ CTO Mark Jobbins, says Australia can learn

In this week’s Minicast, Cisco’s local director of marketing, Ray Kloss, explains how the rapid shifts in working practices and adoption of technology actually made some business better Which-50’s Minicast publishes each Tuesday. Follow Which-50 on LinkedIn to be the first to view it. 

Booktopia is in the midst of another attempt to list on the ASX, buoyed by a jump in sales during 2020. In this week’s Minicast Booktopia CMO Steffen Daleng explains how the marketing department managed the bumper year with many staff working remotely. Which-50’s Minicast publishes each Tuesday. Follow Which-50 on

In this week’s Minicast, Schneider Electric’s Zone President and Managing Director, Pacific, Gareth O’Reilly explains the link between the fourth industrial revolution and a “fourth energy revolution”. Which-50’s Minicast publishes each Tuesday. Follow Which-50 on LinkedIn to be the first to view it. 

In this week’s Minicast Which-50 Editor-in-chief Andrew Birmingham speaks with founder and CEO of security giant Cloudflare on disrupting your business before others do, in Cloudflare’s case by making encryption free. Which-50’s Minicast publishes each Tuesday. Follow Which-50 on LinkedIn to be the first to view it.