As the generational divide grows wider, leadership styles are undergoing a transformation.  The ability to achieve desired results from a team comes down to effective leadership. And according to Jason Price, ANZ VP and General Manager of IBM, it is a “humanistic” approach that will help leaders better understand their

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This is the rightful question on many marketers’ minds these days. In the numerous conversations I’ve had with marketing leaders, I’ve heard three types of answers: 1) Some assume that “Millennial” is still a universal term referring to all young consumers (it’s not). 2) Others know there’s a difference between

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The statement ‘millennials do not trust advertisers’ is lazy and incorrect according to a number of industry professionals who spoke at the Zenith Marketing to Millennials event last week. The panel, hosted by Zenith CEO, Nickie Scriven, featured speakers Kim Portrate, CEO of ThinkTV; Carolyn Bollaci, head of agency at

So it turns out that Millennials are like everyone else (but with flashier phones and terrible taste in music). IBM conducted a multigenerational study of 1,784 employees from organizations across 12 countries and six industries, comparing the preferences and behavioral patterns of Millennials with those of Gen X (aged 35–49)

Millennials prioritise convenience above all else when it comes to banking according to a generational study of Australian bank customers released last month. The study, by SDL, revealed the dominant convenience seeker category consists of individuals with high potential to become loyal customers when offered what they crave – prompt

There is a generational gap in the media landscape, says Ira Kaufman, CEO of digital strategy company Entwine Digital. Speaking at digital disruption conference Daze of Disruption in Sydney, Kaufman explained to the audience how the digital landscape has very different values to the traditional landscape. “The world of digital

Millennials, the great demographic wave, are embracing mobility and as a consequence the decades-old tradition of visiting bank branches may be on the way out, according to a new study by Gemalto. One in four millennials has effectively abandoned branches altogether. According to the study which is called “Generation mBanking: An

Well that was quick. It’s less than eight years since Apple launched the iPhone and ushered in the smartphone era (sorry Blackberry). Now, according to Global Web Index, more than 80 per cent of 17 to 31 year olds around the world own a smartphone. Of course it’s not really

The banking industry is the most at risk of disruption as millennials enter the mainstream, according to a three year study of younger US consumers by an internal Viacom research group. Fully one third of the respondents, representing an audience block of 84 million people born in the US between