A recent report from the Committee for Economic Development in Australia (CEDA) shows that Australia is under-utilising the skills of permanent migrants. Despite the focus of Australia’s permanent migration programs on skilled work, we have yet to maximise the benefits of these skilled workers, with the report highlighting that nearly

VMware and Accenture today announced a multiyear partnership to launch a dedicated business group for accelerating customers’ cloud migrations, as the global consultancy leans further into businesses’ cloud journeys. The “Accenture VMware Business Group” will sit within Accenture’s Cloud First division – a $3 billion investment from the consultancy over

AMP is migrating all of its remaining on premise environments to the AWS public cloud to increase its speed of service and scalability, the financial services company announced Thursday. An early adopter of cloud technology, AMP began moving applications and workloads to the cloud in 2012 and currently has over

Recent stories in the press show how migrating applications and their associated data to the cloud isn’t as simple as lift and shift. Sure, the marketing phrase makes the effort sound easy: what can be simpler than taking ‘process A’ from one location (ie on premises or in a data