Is Minecraft on the block? (Sorry about that). A report in the WSJ says that Mojang, the maker of the popular computer game beloved by the under 10 set (and their parents) is in the sites of Microsoft’s new management team – and potentially the first major acquisition for the

The Internet sector’s biggest names (including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter) are fighting back against plans to scrap net neutrality — the practice of treating all users equally on the Internet. Recent court rulings, and commentary from new FCC chief (and former cable industry lobbyist) Tom Wheeler, suggests

Google’s two greatest enemies are hubris and antitrust. Fear and company culture have kept the first in check, but nothing will ever sate the hungry lawyers. The world’s greatest dotcom should prepare for decades of litigation in a war without end — something the tech sector’s last great monopolist, Microsoft,

It’s all about the ecosystem. As Google’s Android has risen inexorably, Microsoft has lost control of the operating system game on which it built its vast fortune and authority. The ecosystem Microsoft built around Windows – and in particular the profits generated by its Office products and its lock on the

You only get a small moment in the sun, as Apple discovered this week when its profits slipped for the first time in a decade. The caravan quickly moves on. So much for sentimentality. It had already conceded its status as the world’s biggest business months earlier. To add to