Michelle Gallaher

As concerns over the coronavirus pandemic grow, Australians are banding together on social platforms to share resources and mitigate the challenges of self-isolation. Medical authorities are also leveraging the platforms to disseminate information more quickly and credibly than in the past. Nextdoor, a social platform designed for neighbours in the

The primacy of privacy, the rapid transformation of storytelling and of course the inexorable rise of e-commerce — this is what it feels like to live inside the pages of Mary Meeker’s famous Internet Trends report (all 333 slides this year). In a series of personal contributions below, our readers

Michelle Gallaher has been appointed chief executive officer of ShareRoot. The newly installed board has also flagged a shift in company strategy will be released in the coming weeks. Gallaher has been promoted from managing director of The Social Science (TSS), a STEM specialist social media marketing agency co-founded by

Australian medical researchers will begin trialling a data sharing and privacy platform which will allow them to access patient data from wearables and social media to aid healthcare research and pharmaceutical development. So far St Vincent’s Hospital, Cancer Trials Australia (CTA) and Melbourne and Neuroscience Trials Australia, have signed on