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Machine learning allowed the America’s Cup winning Team NZ to more rapidly design and test new features on their boat, and to do so without having the pull teams members away from their preparations. According to Tim Fountaine, Senior Partner McKinsey & Company, “The problem that we were trying to

Companies investing in IoT should play to their strengths, develop multiple use cases and redesign their existing business practices, according to new research from McKinsey and Company. The report, What it takes to get an edge in the Internet of Things, is based on a survey of IoT executives at

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Machine learning can help supermarkets better manage the costly problem of having too much or too little fresh food in stock, argues a new report from McKinsey & Company. The technology could provide grocers a competitive advantage in the battle between independent supermarkets, incumbents, new international entrants and grocery delivery

It’s time for car makers to partner with software makers, or risk extinction says McKinsey & Company. The automotive industry is shifting from a vertically integrated value chain to a horizontally structured ecosystem, according to a new report from the management consultants. That means traditional OEMs must abandon strategies aiming


As enterprises migrate to the cloud, McKinsey and Company predicts businesses will move away from building IT to consuming it over the next three years. The article, IT as a service: from build to consume declares, “The cloud debate is over, with businesses moving a material portion of IT workloads

With the overwhelming majority of executives identifying customer experience as a top priority for CEOs, McKinsey & Company have identified four pillars of great customer experience performance. Which-50 and ADMA are introducing a one day classroom-based digital transformation education program for senior executives lead by visiting US subject matter expert Courtney Hunt PhD.  Places are

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Companies that rewire their operations around the customer will gain a competitive advantage that adds significantly to the bottom line. And all in a relatively fast time frame, according to McKinsey & Company. In a report called‘The CEO Guide to Customer Experience’  the management consults argue that customer experience leaders see revenue

Digital leaders are carving up the frontiers. Industries, companies and even individuals who strike out onto the edges of the digital frontier are capturing a disproportion share of gains according to research by management consultants McKinsey and Company. The study based on US data also found that despite two decades

Digital expertise will become increasingly critical in the insurance sector as digitization and machine learning leads to more highly ‘automatable’ insurance according to management consultants McKinsey & Company. Meanwhile a separate piece of research by Accenture found that insurance companies are accelerating the shift to a radically different distribution model, where they