Automation in Australia can boost productivity to the level required to rekindle the country’s slowing economic growth, potentially adding over a trillion dollars to the economy, according to McKinsey.  But the technology could also put to 6.5 million full time jobs at risk, increase unemployment levels and further widen inequality.

The relationship between McKinsey and Company’s consulting work and the company’s hedge fund is under scrutiny following a report published in the New York Times. The report alleges the investment arm had a stake in some companies that were also McKinsey consulting clients. Register now for Which-50’s webinar on the disruptive

Management consultancy McKinsey & Co. issued a statement over the weekend denying it prepared a report in 2015 for the Saudi government identifying dissidents on social media. It was responding to a story in the New York Times. However, it left open the possibility that the material in its report

By making enterprise-grade computing available to entrepreneurs at peppercorn rates, the rise of cloud computing fueled a huge rush of innovation. In a similar vein, open-source tools, cloud storage and automated machine learning platforms mean businesses can begin to dabble in artificial intelligence without prohibitive costs — and risk. Extending

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AI is no longer in its infancy, but much of its economic impact is yet to be realised. That’s a key takeaway from a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute, which argues AI could potentially deliver additional economic output of around $13 trillion by 2030, boosting global GDP by


Commercially viable blockchain solutions deployed at scale are still at least three to five years away, according to a new report from McKinsey. While many companies are already experimenting with the technology, several factors stand between pilot projects and realising the strategic value of blockchain. LEARN: Dive deeply with us

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Back in 2015 McKinsey ran the numbers and came up with the conclusion: Companies with more diverse leadership teams make more money. Just to be sure, McKinsey repeated its analysis with a broader data set of 1,000 companies covering 12 countries. The new report Delivering through Diversity reinforces the link

When a Which-50 story doesn’t quite belong in ecommerce, digital marketing, industrial internet, leadership or analytics it ends up in insights. This category is home to news, research and analysis of digital transformation trends and initiatives. Digital transformation is now clearly a C-suite concern — using digital technologies, organisational change

Incumbents that have been able to reinvent themselves in the digital age are in a position to own a bigger slice of the market they operate in than digital insurgents. While digital natives are often singled out as the disruptors threatening market share, incumbents embracing digital potentially pose a greater

A growing number of commercial vehicles will put further strain on large cities already grappling with congestion problems according to a new McKinsey report. “The need for change is urgent. With many more vehicles and people likely to hit the roads in future decades, the time to start preparing is