A growing body of evidence reveals that ransomware is increasingly the domain of multi-million dollar criminal enterprises, which recruit specialists and apply their skill sets broadly to extort money from their victims.  The business is highly lucrative and ransomware gangs are seeking cost-effective returns for their effort.  “The reality now

Vendors are quick to include AI in their sales pitch, but Dr Celeste Fralick, Senior Principal Engineer and Chief Data Scientist at McAfee recommends technology buyers ask three questions to help see through the hype to determine what they are actually getting.  Fralick chairs McAfee’s Analytic Center of Excellence and

Large IT players are making more moves in the cybersecurity market, but McAfee CEO Chris Young expects to see proliferation, rather than consolidation, of security vendors.   Last month VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger shared his vision for the cybersecurity market — shortly after the company announced it was buying security vendor

The CMO of one the world’s largest cybersecurity companies has candidly admitted she wasn’t prepared for a security mistake that could have been avoided entirely.  Allison Cerra, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at McAfee, has shared what she described as the worst day of her career, Easter Sunday

McAfee has unveiled new device-to-cloud security capabilities and a data science platform to give companies greater insight into the threat landscape, at its annual MPower Cybersecurity Summit in Las Vegas this week. A key focus of the event was the need for cloud-native security features to protect against threats as

Bad actors will attack points of least resistance where they can easily monetise their efforts, according to Steve Grobman, McAfee SVP and CTO. It means the attack surfaces are constantly in flux and new solutions are needed. The next boon for cybercriminals is “cryptojacking”. Leadership Webinar: Which-50’s 2019 Outlook and

The proliferation of software, platforms and infrastructure as a service, as well as a shift to public clouds has created a complex cybersecurity challenge. Attackers are taking advantage with increasingly sophisticated tactics, causing a fundamental rethink of how cybersecurity is delivered, according to one of the industry’s biggest players, McAfee.