In polite and apologetic tones, Australian businesses are pleading with their customers to be patient.   Optus is calmly letting web site visitors know it’s committed to keeping you connected, even though its Customer Care Team’s ability to respond is currently impacted. Covid-19 restrictions mean Telstra’s contact centres are operating with

Cloud-based contact centre solutions offer a number of advantages over on-premise solutions such as the high speed of deployment, the ability to avoid upfront costs, and of course opportunity to scale capacity up and down on-demand, and so adjust to market conditions. That’s a key take away from a new

Data has become part of the “unique DNA” of Matchboard, an online platform that matches buyers and suppliers of business services. Founded in 2012, Matchboard has developed proprietary technology to power a business-to-business matching platform similar to an online dating service. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter Thanks to