Breaking News: marketing technology (martech) is no longer a discrete and separate “thing.” Martech is a layer in the integrated composite of marketing disciplines every marketing leader and their teams must possess. Martech acumen is table stakes, but establishing those capabilities is far from easy. If you’re struggling with martech,

One look at any recent LUMAscape map of the marketing technology ecosystem makes two things very clear. First, the hundreds or thousands of solutions now available in any one category of the enterprise tech world remain dizzyingly hard to track, let alone comprehend. And, second, it provides clues as to

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Digital advertising spend this year is expected to reach $223 billion, according to eMarketer. That the digital ad market is growing will come as no surprise to anyone working in the sector. Less well understood however is that spending on the technology managing digital advertising and on the wider discipline

Do you have a MarYech stack and roadmap? You probably do — and it’s likely grown up through a mix of inherited tools, opportunistic purchases and well-planned investments, resulting in something that sort of works, but which you often wish you could toss out and start over. Since none of


Will blockchain upend digital marketing, eliminate advertising fraud and usher in a new MarTech ecosystem fuelled by revolutionary business models and bulletproof transparency? Don’t hold your breath.  However, while the current limitations of the technology suggest that such changes won’t happen any time soon, don’t discount its impact over the long


After 20 years of parallel development, the worlds of marketing technology and advertising technology remained largely disconnected. However, data is now forming an essential piece of customer experience infrastructure. That, in turn, requires marketers to understand both marketing technology and advertising technology, and most importantly how they plug together. To

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Industry structure may play a bigger part than technical complexity in the ongoing disconnect between advertising technology and marketing technology, according to the co-founder and CTO of Ion Interactive and editor of, Scott Brinker. Over the last year, through interviews with industry leaders here and in the US, in

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Online marketplace RedBalloon is demanding greater transparency and accountability from all the agencies it works with following the implementation of an AI-based marketing platform called Albert. According to the company, Albert was also able to reduce the cost of acquiring a customer to RedBalloon by more than 25 per cent

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The convergence of AdTech and MarTech may not be as radical as it appears. According to Adam Berke, an AdRoll strategic advisor, the two technology disciplines have been merging for some time, and renewed interest in the subject is a result of new perspectives. “As soon as these definitions were

Marketing software provider Marketo has released new feature updates to its account-based marketing, Ad Bridge, web personalisation, and analytics solutions. Built into the Marketo Engagement Platform, the features in this release allow marketers to make informed decisions on target accounts within their account-based marketing strategy to yield better results, create