Adobe will apply its artificial intelligence technology from its Sensei program to solving one of the most intractable marketing problems – multichannel attribution. Few marketers apply any sophistication to their attribution today beyond the first and last click. According to Adobe Executive VP and GM, Adobe Experience Cloud, Brad Rencher, “In

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If you want to see an insurgent digital company that ticks all the boxes of contemporary Internet nomenclature, it would be hard to go past Zuper. An innovative fintech, its members sit at the core of the business, crowdsourcing the expertise needed to pick trends, build products and even help

For two decades, the marketing and advertising technology industries have built increasingly sophisticated and integrated solutions for marketers and agencies based on the assumption of a largely uninterrupted flow of data from both inside and outside organisations. Marketing technology (MarTech) often relied on personally identifiable data, while advertising technology (AdTech)


The field of data management is rife with acronyms for solutions that can seem vague like Customer Data Platform (CDP), Data Management Platform (DMP) and, in our case, Master Data Management (MDM). This is not exactly what I imagined I would be obsessing about as a marketer at this point

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In the largest acquisition in the company’s history, martech company Marketo has acquired Bizible, a provider of marketing performance management software. The acquisition combines two companies with complementary technologies and analytics, designed to allow organisations to seamlessly link revenue back to marketing investment. The announcement was made on stage in front

Delivering personalised customer journeys across offline and online channels is a challenging prospect for marketers. But the challenge is often compounded by the ageing technology at their disposal, according to Dotmailer founder and president, Tink Taylor. “Rapid technological growth has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to separate their marketing

Marketing intelligence sofware will become more mainstream in the next six to 18 months, argues Leah Pope, global CMO of martech company Datorama. “Marketing intelligence is a fairly new, emerging market. Marketing analytics has been around for a very long time but marketing intelligence is kind of a combination of

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CMOs need to have a solid grasp on marketing technology and be able to show a return on their investments. That’s the view of Adam Howatson, the CMO of Canadian enterprise software company OpenText. After 16 years with OpenText and three and half as CMO, Howatson is leaving the company

According to a new report from Adobe, APAC organisations are more than twice as likely as their North American counterparts to invest significantly in digital upskilling. The region is also the more open and enthusiastic about AI, according to the report. 34 per cent of APAC organisations said they will

If you’re a marketing leader that has a hand in buying and deploying technology, you know that the martech landscape is vast, complex, chaotic and challenging to navigate. But you might also have a similar view as you look inward to your own martech stack. It’s a line of questioning