Marketing Technology

Marketing technology (martech) and advertising technology (adtech) are being drawn together after two decades of parallel evolution. What is driving the trend and what are the implications? Which-50 investigates.

Revenue and return on investment now outpace traditional web metrics like page views or email open rates for CMOs, according to a study. And the leading-edge consumers of marketing technology are pulling ahead of theirs peers on these measures. Such a result may seem self evident, but even as recently

One of the most important elements of marketing and digital transformation — that still attracts too little focus — is the marketing technology stack or marketing platform strategy. We hear a lot about Marketing Clouds and the literally thousands of bespoke marketing- and digital-related applications and software, but almost universally

Marketing technology firms tapped the investment venture and other start up funding markets for over a billion dollars in the first quarter of 2015, with analytics the biggest draw card. The figure is a big increase on the $US718 million the VCs stumped up in the previous quarter. An analysis