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The success of digital marketers depends on martech but we need to be better at measuring value. Technology by itself does nothing but as digital marketers our success depends on it. How you utilize and measure your martech determines how successful you and your organization will be. When measuring their

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WPP AUNZ has launched a new division, the Centre of Excellence which advises clients to navigate the digital landscape, drive maximum value from their existing data and fully leverage their martech investments.  Led by Adam Good, executive director – marketing technology, the Centre of Excellence main focus is marketing automation.

A study by Which-50’s Digital Intelligence Unit reveals almost a third of marketing leaders say their marketing technology platforms are not delivering. CMOs and other marketing executives say they are are surprised by the lack of integration both inside – and between – marketing clouds, frustrated by the paucity of

Despite no shortage of options, most marketers are still searching for their martech “Nirvana”. And as they have added more pieces to the marketing stack the technology has actually become a hindrance, according to Acquia CMO Lynne Capozzi. Capozzi explained the paradox during the company’s APAC user conference in Melbourne

The continued fragmentation of the marketing technology market is driving organisations to adopt more open source software solutions, as proprietary products fail to live up to their billing, according to SaaS vendor Acquia. Acquia has expanded from its traditional enterprise level web content management product and services built on the

A Marketo research report has revealed Australian marketers’ most commonly used technology. But the research also revealed that over a third of Australian marketers (40 per cent) don’t have the necessary technology to do their job. WHICH-50 Reader Survey: Help us improve Which-50 by taking our annual reader survey. You

Spending on marketing technology is in sharp retreat, falling by 15 per cent in 2017, as CMOs pull back on high levels of spending amid concerns over their capability to acquire and manage technology effectively. The figures — and the analysis — are contained in Gartner’s recently released CMO Spend

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During an AIMIA roundtable discussion, leading agencies and marketers shed light on the next big things in marketing technology. Here’s what the leaders of the industry think about the future of MarTech. Click here to download the Infographic 1. Back to basic optimisation and personalisation: “It might not be sexy

Here’s a data point that my colleague Jake Sorofman noted in a blog post back in October that bears repeating: “CMO spending on technology now rivals CIO spending … 3.24 per cent of revenue in 2016 [compared] to the CIO’s tech budget of 3.4 per cent of revenue… We called

I spend a fair amount of time talking to companies about positioning and messaging, which appears to be an endemic challenge for pretty much everyone. This is particularly true for technology vendors, who face the headwinds of the tyranny of words and convergence of everything. Try as we might, these