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Knowledge of the customer is a top priority for marketing organisations. Our recent survey data demonstrates that CMOs are continuing to invest in customer retention and growth, with spending on existing customers outpacing that of new customer acquisition. Customer analytics is a top priority for CMOs as they seek to

Despite an enthusiasm for marketing automation most Australian users still describe their skills in the area as “basic.” According to a report from Econsultancy  produced in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud, 71 per cent of Australian and New Zealand organisations said they had been successful in implementing their marketing automation campaigns.

Email newsletter provider MailChimp is offering all its users free access to its existing marketing automation tools. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The company said it wants to “help small businesses grow by democratising powerful marketing tools that are often reserved for large enterprises.” As of today users

For all the discussion around marketing automation lately there are still some widely held misconceptions, according to a an Oracle Marketing Cloud and Demand Gen report. Marketing automation is fast becoming a competitive necessity for many companies.  The report finds that, while many organisations have found success implementing the strategy,

Automation can go wrong when put in the hands of the impatient marketer. Last week, I wrote about the unintended consequences of customer journey mapping when marketers allow intention to drift away from the customer and toward the brand. The thought was very much on my brain while attending Salesforce