The marketing game used to be so simple. Brands had money, a message, and a product to sell. Publishers had audiences. Many long lunches ensued, and nobody could quite agree which 50 per cent of the budget was being wasted. The development of sophisticated digital marketing platforms in recent years

The most effective digital marketing organizations excel around the three P’s of digital marketing maturity – people, process and product – according to Adobe. And the very best of these companies outperform their average peers by 50 per cent. According to John Mellor Adobe SVP business development and strategy, Adobe

Social networking ad spend growth in Asia Pacific this year will be among the lowest in the world, according to new research released by eMarketer. And spend per user is also only a fraction of European and North American investments, although this also reflects relative spending power between the regions.

There is an alarming disconnect between the importance companies attach to their digital marketing initiatives and the actual effort and resource they are putting into it according to a US study of 200 senior marketers by Finch Brands and Netplus Digital Pulse. Despite this red flag companies are set to pour