The majority of Australian marketers now employ content marketing strategies according to a new study by the Content Marketing Institute and the Association of Data-driven Marketing and Advertising  (ADMA) According to the research nearly half of the marketers surveyed believe that ROI measurement was an immediate and important criteria to

Seventy-four percent of technology companies have achieved something “breakthrough,” “revolutionary,” or “world class,” and 49% are leaders of their category. Hard to believe, yes, but that’s what they tell us. I recently examined all the press releases from MarketWired’s industry feeds for Computers & Software; Telecommunications; and Electronics & Semiconductors

Companies deploying the best modern marketing practices significantly out perform their peers in revenue performance according to a new study by Forrester Research, which also found that the majority of companies surveyed across five countries are still languishing in the first half of the study’s maturity model. For the early

Near enough is not good enough — which is why in marketing, a simple pass is often regarded as a fail. That’s because unless your customers are sufficiently engaged to actually recommend your products, it’s a fair bet they are probably recommending somebody else’s. Hence the growing popularity of net

Email marketing has enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent years as marketing platforms have become more sophisticated and marketers themselves have come to rediscover its efficacy. According to the Lionbridge 2014 global email survey, email is “One of the most effective channels for reaching and engaging with target audiences”.

Marketers are still largely missing the point of technology — either by focusing too much on cost-cutting and process, or by getting distracted by the latest shiny new bauble in the toy kit. The real magic comes from the opportunity to break from the pack. That’s the view of Joseph

Customers are an unreasonable lot, and digital has made them more so. They want their information when it suits them, and they want seamless integration across the whole omni-channel experience — shops, call centres, mobiles, computers and tablets. Marketers need to tap that sentiment to sell more widgets, and companies

Nobody would argue they don’t have enough data these days, says Sitecore chief strategy officer Darren Guarnaccia. The problem is, they need to bring it all together. Sitecore is one of the dominant players in the rapidly growing marketing automation world, with a particualr strength in the Microsoft ecosystem. Which-50

LinkedIn has published its list of the ten most “engaged” marketers at Australia’s biggest companies. Who made the grade? According to the company, “The engagement of the marketers on LinkedIn was measured based on a number of metrics, including: site visitation; growth in connections; and social actions such as content

Here’s the good news for social media marketers: Facebook’s click-through rates are rising, its costs per click is falling, and it is delivering strong revenue referrals all year. But the bad news is that you really can have too much of a good thing. Its success as a channel is