Health insurer Bupa has added WhatsApp messaging to its customer service channels, providing consumers with an alternative to waiting on the telephone. The service means customers who are on hold will be given the option to communicate in a secure WhatsApp messaging channel with a real person and enjoy the

In polite and apologetic tones, Australian businesses are pleading with their customers to be patient.   Optus is calmly letting web site visitors know it’s committed to keeping you connected, even though its Customer Care Team’s ability to respond is currently impacted. Covid-19 restrictions mean Telstra’s contact centres are operating with

The CEO of a leading global AI and conversational commerce company has called on Mark Zuckerberg to shut down Facebook until he can “fix it”, arguing social media is harming communities and demonstrating what not to do in the current AI race. “Shut it down tomorrow. You will win a

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CommBank subsidiary Bankwest has tapped LivePerson to build a new conversational banking experience that enables bank customers to message the bank for service over the bank’s website and app. The experience works just like popular consumer messaging services, providing a hassle-free way for customers to get service from the bank.

As consumer expectations continue to climb, brands are faced with the growing demand to provide quality products and services along with quick and effective customer service. To understand how this impacts brands and drives customer loyalty, LivePerson commissioned a survey of 1,000 Australia-based consumers age 18 and older who identified

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Foxtel has incorporated LivePersons native in-app mobile messaging service, LiveEngage, into the MyFoxtel app, allowing Foxtel customers to connect directly to customer service teams via instant messaging. The move marks an Australian first in providing enterprise in-app messaging at scale to streamline customer communications according to the companies. Sign up for