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Australian marketers need to stop playing it safe and embrace a constant state of change. That’s the view of Prue Cox, LinkedIn’s new director of marketing solutions. “Australian marketers are playing it safe. When it comes to leveraging new technologies they are significantly behind their APAC counterparts,” Cox told Which-50.

LinkedIn has appointed Prue Cox as Director of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for Australia and New Zealand. She will be based in Sydney and commence her new role on 6 November 2017. Cox will be responsible for growing LinkedIn’s marketing solutions business and helping customers and agencies leverage LinkedIn’s professional audience

It’s ok to scrape data from public profiles on LinkedIn, a US court has ruled. Microsoft, which acquired LinkedIn last year for $26.2 billion, was seeking to prevent a startup called HiQ Labs collecting LinkedIn profile data which it uses to create algorithms to predict employee behaviour, like when they

LinkedIn Top Companies

LinkedIn today announced its annual Top Companies list with PwC taking Australia’s top spot, followed by KMPG, Westpac Group and The Commonwealth Bank. The annual ranking highlights the most sought-after companies in top markets around the globe by professionals, based on proprietary LinkedIn data and billions of actions by over

Matt Tindale, Country Manager, LinkedIn Australia and New Zealand(1)

Matt Tindale is the new Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand for Linkedin, effective July 1, 2017.  He replaces the popular Cliff Rosenberg who has overseen the company’s impressive growth since 2011. Rosenberg is moving to advisor land. He already serves on the board of several organisations, including Non-Executive Director

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For the past decade or so, the constant obsession with new technologies and tools has lead to the loss of focus within the marketing department, with marketers trying to “keep up” with trending tactics and forgetting marketing basics. It was all too exciting to chase the new shiny object —

This week’s announcement that YouTube has signed on 40 US TV partners marks an inflection point for the online video and TV markets. There has always been a logic to the idea that if YouTube could broker this type of deal then it could further bolster its position. Several TV players

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LinkedIn has revealed Australia’s most viewed professionals on the platform for 2016. Known as Power Profiles, the list is determined by traffic with filters applied to measure engagement levels (likes, shares and comments) across six top categories including CEOs, internet, tech start-ups, marketing and advertising, human resources and sports. The

Remember when former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer became a sweaty viral web celebrity? Somewhere in the mid-2000s a video surfaced showing Steve stomping across a stage in a sweat-soaked shirt chanting “Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!” It’s compelling stuff, and the interwebs duly rewarded him with dance track remixes. Subscribe today:

LinkedIn will enable web site publishers to profile visitors to their sites based on its huge pool of data, and then provide a marketing tech platform to segment and target those audiences to help drive sales. The company has also launched an ad network that will allow brands to track