The Internet of Things – the world of connected devices – represents an interesting and potentially transformational shift in the way humans, hardware and software interact. This programmble world is creating connections between technology enabled pieces of the environment such as central heating, vehicle engines, home appliances or production

There has been a riff in the business world about the remarkable market power accrued to Google and others. The point is that we thought the digital world was the ultimate market, and it turns out to be a reversion to the US economy in 1925: lots of muscular brutes,

A new study by the e-tailing group reveals that social media and social networking groups deliver less than one per cent of web traffic to US retailers. This is despite heavy investment in the channels. One cautionary note: the study does not measure the impact of advertising on social media

Why the unseemly rush into native advertising? Put simply, because it works. Is it a threat to traditional media models? Sure. Is it a threat to consumers and the community – only if you possess a disdainful view of the capabilities and insights of your audience. If a brand’s message is

Australia’s marketers now spend more each year on digital advertising than on free-to-air TV according to the latest IAB research, which put the size of the Australian online ad market at just under $A4 billion. Search — and therefore Google — dominates the industry, while in the display category motor