The shift to sustainability in business is a long term global megatrend that will drive the next great round of disruption and transformation, creating new economic opportunities and sending powerful pricing signals to a new generation of entrepreneurs. In the latest Which-50 Minicast, Which-50 editor-in-chief Andrew Birmingham sets the scene

Australia’s extended and disastrous bushfire season has brought into sharp relief the high economic and personal cost of climate change.  That economic impact is increasingly recognised around the world as a major business risk. In California, for instance, it led to what is now referred to as the first climate

This week we interviewed the APAC Chief Marketing Officer of Lenovo, the $45 billion hardware giant, about the company’s esports engagement. Each day we will update readers on the progress, regress, and distress of launching the Limbonauts esports organisation, along with the process of bringing a Paladins league to Australia

Little more than a decade ago esports tournaments in Australia amounted to small pockets of dedicated fanboys gathering in subterranean gaming dens. At best they were a strange quirk of the digital ecosystem and were largely invisible to mainstream business. Those days are long past. Now the money and all

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Danielle Uskovic has been appointed the Marketing Director of LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Solutions APAC. Based in Singapore, Uskovic will begin her new role on June 4th. “I’m really excited to be starting my new journey with LinkedIn. I’ve been a passionate advocate of LinkedIn for a long time. I’ve

Customer experience can no longer be separated from technology. Realising this superannuation company Sunsuper has created a group which combines the two. Teifi Whatley is the Executive GM Customer & Technology Sunsuper, a role which combines the responsibilities of the CMO and the CIO. “The rationale behind bringing a group

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More integrated and collaborative workplaces mean technology companies now see their products as a service — not a standalone piece of hardware according to Lenovo managing director, ANZ, Matt Codrington. Speaking at a Lenovo event that celebrated 25 years of ThinkPads — the company’s most enduring laptop — Codrington told

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Brands that cede too much authority to their agencies in the programmatic world risk missing out on some big opportunities, and can also sacrifice transparency. That’s the view of Lenovo’s Head of Digital and Social in the Asia Pacific, Danielle Uskovic (pictured below). She told Which-50, “When I started talking