Built on a foundation of guiding principles, a digital transformation plan of action includes nine main initiatives that organizational leaders should take. Beginning with educating themselves to increase their own digital competencies, these initiatives include soliciting input from key stakeholders, revising the organization’s mission, business model, and offerings, leveraging technology to enhance

US-based research outfit HfS has released its list of the leaders in the digital transformation services space, with IBM, Accenture and TCS occupying the top positions. According to the researchers, “2014 has shaped up to be the year Digital Transformation took root as a unifying theme for IT and business services.”

Digital technologies are proving to be a key differentiator between retail leaders and laggards in the US when it comes to driving shoppers in store — and motivating their behaviour once there. That’s one of the main findings from a recent research report by RSR Research which found differences between leaders

During more than a decade in data analysis with companies like GE, Capgemini and Deloitte, and now as the Vice President in Bank of America’s Consumer & Business Lending group, Minakshi Srivastava has seen dramatic changes in how data analytics is understood and utilised. Srivastava spoke to Which-50 in advance of her

  There are five main barriers to digital engagement, as I have written before, that affect organisations, their leaders, and other senior professionals. These barriers include lack of knowledge and understanding of social and digital technologies, framing that leads to risk aversion, poor/no roadmaps, and inadequate resource allocation. A related

At some point or other I read in a junior year text that markets work best when informed. My recollection is that the author asserted that a perfect market is perfectly informed. And I have assumed in life that disclosure and transparency were in general unqualified social positives.  Today Warren

Digital business incompetence will cause a quarter of businesses to lose their market position by 2017 and one in four current market leaders will have surrendered their market position to companies founded after 2000, according to research outfit Gartner. In a post on the role of IT leaders called “Are CIO’s

Companies which have developed content marketing acumen spend $12,000 less to win a customer than their less savvy peers. This was one of the key findings published in a new infographic by digital specialists Kapost which revealed a strong correlation between attention to content management and business success. Citing the