Digital is table stakes for brands today. All brands have digital functionality and data, whether it be mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, social media, CRM data or click-through rates on advertising impressions. However, many brands fail to optimize digital strategies and leverage the full range of data available. At Gartner L2,

“Retail is going to be a horrible business the next ten years in Australia.” That’s the stark assessment from Scott Galloway, NYU professor and founder of research agency L2. Speaking with Which-50 about Amazon’s Australian arrival, Galloway said there will be examples winners in every category but overall it won’t

“All that is useful is ugly” according to the French poet Théophile Gauthier, who believed that all beautiful things were useless since they did not have direct utility. He would not have lasted long in the fast-growing wearables market. According to a paper from L2 Business Intelligence for Digital called