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Every once and a while I derive a small measure of voyeuristic pleasure from looking at the jobs Linkedin recommends for me. Since I have no intention of applying for any of them, I thought for a bit of fun I’d share what I consider to be the eight most

The best place to work in Australia is a bank, according to LinkedIn’s annual list of the top companies to work for, which has the big four atop its latest leaderboard. According to LinkedIn, Westpac is the top company to work for in Australia, followed by NAB, ANZ and CBA.

Writing and emerging technology were the fastest growing freelance jobs last year, according to leading freelance marketplace Data from the platform’s two million job postings also suggests the outsourcing of software and app development has begun to slide. According to the company, online content was king in 2018 with

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Service NSW is recruiting a chief digital and product officer to lead the government department’s product strategy and team. With an advertised salary starting from $287,000, the executive role will provide leadership and the overall strategic direction across a diverse portfolio of Service NSW’s products. They will lead a significant

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Customer data orchestration solution company Tealium has hired Mandy Eyles as the new head of channel partnerships for Australia and New Zealand. In her role she will continue to expand the partner ecosystem in Australia and focus on driving strategic value with agencies, consultancies and technology partners, by leveraging Tealium’s

The evolution of the future of work looks a lot like the past, but probably with more Uber and Deliveroo drivers, at least if you believe the Productivity Commission. In fact, it turns out automation might not be the harbinger of the great employment apocalypse after all, despite a plethora

Design thinking, financial acumen and emotional intelligence among skills in high demand in the workforce of the future, according to a new report from CommBank. The Commonwealth Bank Jobs and Skills of the Future Report, examined how digital disruption will impact jobs over the coming decade. Sign up for Which-50’s

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NAB will immediately hire 600 technology specialists in the areas of software engineering, data, architecture and security, according to the bank. The national and global recruitment drive is part of NAB’s plan to reshape the workforce and create up to 2,000 new jobs by 2020 to meet the changing needs

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Sentient machines, neural laces, AI that can beat the world’s best poker players. Wave after wave of developments and news about automation, artificial intelligence, robots and the dawn of another industrial revolution where “30 per cent of human jobs in the next 15 years” will be lost to inexorable developments

A looming wave of  knowledge work automation will generate or displace the equivalent of 140 million full times jobs by 2025 as it crashes and breaks upon the managerial class with same impact already felt by workers in the manufacturing and transactional sectors over the last half a century. Machines