Is this the future of retail – permanent rolling global discounts As massive online sales days like Cyber Monday in the US, Singles Day in China and even Click Frenzy in Australia take hold, a new risk emerges for retailers – a world of permanent rolling global discounting. Australia’s retailers,

Facebook rules. For now everyone else is pretending Koala eating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apparently kills his own meat. He is not a man to be trifled with. Perhaps that explains why Facebook is playing a different game to everyone else – a fact that is reflected in the numbers.

Consumers sit at the heart of the digital revolution. We know from McKinsey’s research that the benefits of digital disruption accrue mostly to the consumer, not the disrupter. And we can see how companies that put customer utility and experience at the heart of their business have been able to

Is Alphabet Google’s mid life crisis or an Apple iPod moment? Google’s announcement that it would rebrand itself and restructure into a new holding company called Alphabet, is notable not just for its news value – but its timing. ‘The Brand Formerly Known As Google’ intends to be a conglomerate

Irony abounds. In the midst of what appears to be an elongated period of investment market disruption, one of the most disrupted sectors is attracting buckets of cash. In recent times some very large lumps of cash have been raised by news media web sites, ostensibly for the purpose of creating

Taxation equity is an emotive topic. As a result, the discussions around the lowering of the GST threshold on imported goods from the current $1000, creates heated debate. The issue has a number of levels and cannot be responded to in a simple way. My views, are summed up in

  Consumer usage of ad blockers is rising steeply with the global installed base set to crack 200 million. The bad news for brands and even more so for traditional online publishers is that next year blocked ads will represent nearly $40 billion in lost potential revenue. Don’t worry, it

Core banking systems are complex, difficult and expensive — the very antithesis of digital agility. Yet banks that want to embrace the digital revolution have little choice but to power ahead. The good news is that there is an opportunity to realise an 18 to 25 per cent return on

So you think you know all about analytics? Patting yourself on the back about your latest cross-channel attribution modeling and the terabytes of data you’ve successfully corralled into a database? Time for a little perspective — because there’s big data and then there’s BIG data. While brand managers the world

Marketo’s results announced last week provide further evidence – if any was needed – of the robust health of the marketing technology sector. The company reported strong revenue growth and cut its losses further. CEO Phil Fernandez pointed to strong billings growth (up 48 per cent over last year) saying increased