Little more than a decade ago esports tournaments in Australia amounted to small pockets of dedicated fanboys gathering in subterranean gaming dens. At best they were a strange quirk of the digital ecosystem and were largely invisible to mainstream business. Those days are long past. Now the money and all

The University of Technology Sydney has begun a study to determine students’ engagement with educational technology by monitoring their attention through eye, keyboard, and mouse tracking. The tracking data will be used in a proof of concept model which ultimately displays behavioural analytics in a dashboard.  Machine learning algorithms will

Telstra, Intel and Ericsson have unveiled one of the world’s first esports professional gaming experiences over 5G, showcasing the power of 5G’s ultra-low latency that professional and amateur gamers alike can expect in the future. Fresh from Intel Extreme Masters Sydney, pro esports team The Chiefs, helped demonstrate the technical

We are really close to perfecting the technology for self-driving cars. But our driverless future won’t go anywhere if people don’t trust it. It’s one thing for our autonomous test cars to take us for a drive with a safety driver behind the wheel. But soon there won’t be anyone

Intel says it is on track to deploy 40 autonomous test vehicles by the end of the year. BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye are working together to make self-driving vehicles a reality by collaborating to bring solutions for highly automated driving (Level 3) and fully automated driving (Level 4/5) into

autonomous driving

A vast and extraordinary new market worth $US7 Trillion is set to emerge over the next 30 years as the world’s drivers become passengers with the advent of autonomous vehicles. That’s the headline finding from a new study commissioned by Intel Corporation that explores the yet-to-be-realized economic potential of this new

Intel is set to acquire Mobileye, an Israeli autonomous vehicle technology firm, for US$15.3 billion. Intel believes the acquisition will allow them to tap into a market that’s worth $70 billion by 2020. Take our Which-50 reader survey and go into the draw for a chance to win a pair

Intel Corporation released new products, technologies and investments from the edge to the data centre to help expand and accelerate the growth of artificial intelligence (AI). The company, which claims to currently power 97 per cent of data centre servers running AI, said it is assembling the broadest set of technology options

Ros Harvey, CEO, The Yield

The Internet of Things (IoT) is still approaching the ‘peak of inflated expectations’ on the Gartner Hype Cycle and there are limited examples of how the technology has been operationalised and is delivering real business value. That’s the opinion of Ros Harvey, managing director and founder of agtech business The

The tech sector has never had a problem with big numbers. Imagine any number large enough to meet any conceivable requirement. and you can be sure there is an IT outfit out there that will add another zero to the discussion. Earlier this year we reported a prediction by iDate